What is Victoria Ticket?

We're Victoria's 100% local resource to manage and sell tickets online for your next event, with great features that include:

  • Video and image galleries in your event and profile pages
  • Share latest news and updates in the event's timeline
  • Offer multiple ticket types with unique titles, pricing, availability and description (Eg. Gold Seating $30 - Silver Seating $15)
  • PDF e-ticket generation with QR Code support
  • Free Victoria Ticket mobile app for ticket check-in and management (can be used by multiple devices at once during event check-in)
  • CSV export of attendees for event owners

You can use Victoria Ticket as your primary resource to sell and manage tickets, or as an additional platform to help drive sales. If your event is free, our service is completely free to use! If you're hosting a paid event, Victoria Ticket's fees are only 5% for each ticket sold, with no additional flat-rate fee (learn more). Our fee is capped at $7.50/transaction.

There are no start-up or management fees. Since we use PayPal's Adaptive Payment system, you'll receive revenue the instant an e-ticket is sold (PayPal Standard Business account required).